Staffing for IT Consulting

Our staff provides top-notch Information Technology (IT) services for our clients. From basic IT infrastructure implementation to cloud migration, Lewis-Price staff have extensive experience, training and certifications in their areas of expertise. 

Our people are proficient with industry best practices such as COBIT, ITIL, CMMI, ISO, and TOGAF. Our IT solutions meet your objectives and improve system security. Our IT Health Check assessment ensures that IT environments comply with industry regulations and protocols.


Why Lewis-Price?

Staffing for IT consulting is our bread and butter. Our robust team of IT specialists have extensive experience in protecting data. We boast a proven track record with clients who depend on Lewis-Price staff. 

Our 8(a) status is often a benefit for teaming partners who wish to bring diversity into their projects. 

IT Specialties

Architecture Design & Implementation
Cloud Services
Data Center & Workstation
Enterprise Monitoring
IT Health Check Assessment
IT Infrastructure
Remote Access
Virtualization Networking

Productivity is Waiting

Boost your organization's confidence with our diverse industry experts who can help you meet your business objectives. The right staff at the right time. We're here for you.