lewis-price effective leadership

3 Critical Components of Effective Leadership

lewis-price effective leadership

Effective leadership can help you find success and community at work.

Effective leadership can inspire and motivate a team, but poor management can undermine the efforts of everyone involved in a project. The makings of a great leader start with trusting your team and continue with communication, collaboration, and engaging employees. If you’re looking to refine your leadership techniques, here are three components you can focus on.

Communicate Effectively 

Effective leadership conveys thoughts and ideas clearly to employees and considers how your team prefers to communicate. With many workforces now working remotely full-time, different communication styles may be more effective than others. Some employees may prefer to get an email, and some may prefer video meetings. When giving feedback or assigning new tasks, take the time to listen to any feedback you may get and take the suggestions seriously. 

Be Open to Collaboration and Working as a Team

Leading doesn’t mean taking all of the work on yourself. Effective leadership actually means trusting your team and delegating responsibilities appropriately. Creating opportunities for employees to collaborate on projects is a great start as well! Be open to participating in those groups too. As a leader, you can ensure that all members have the tools they need, and you can guide them if they need help. 

Find Out What Motivates & Engages Your Team

When your employees become disengaged from their work, it can seem like the entire project shutters. Part of effective leadership is honing in on exactly which strategies genuinely motivate your team to perform their best. Typically, negative motivation will hinder creativity and create barriers for your employees. Positive motivation, like offering challenging growth opportunities in their work, can be much more effective. Not to mention, engaged, happy employees are generally healthier and more productive, which is good for everyone! If you don’t know how to start with positive encouragement, don’t be afraid to ask your team directly. They’ll know better than anyone what they’re looking for in support. 

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