3 Social Media Tips For Your Job Search

Social Media Tips

Use these social media tips to help you land your dream job!

In our increasingly connected world, social media plays a large part in many of our lives. It helps us connect with old friends, set up meetings, and find employment. When used properly, social media can be a powerful tool that helps your job search. However, there are some issues for your professional career could arise when using social media. It’s up to you to use good judgment when using social media, especially when you’re looking for a job. Here are a few tips you can use to navigate social media when you’re looking for a job.

Get A LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great resource for searching for jobs, so you should use it! Essentially, it’s a network for professionals who are looking to connect. Using this social network effectively can lead to you discovering opportunities that you might not have known about before. In addition, you can connect to people in your field by simply sending them a message. LinkedIn removes a lot of the barriers to connecting with professionals, so it’s a great place to start building your network.

Don’t Overshare

We all know someone who overshares on social media. What you might not know is that not only can this annoy your friends and followers, but it can hurt your job search as well. Sharing too many personal details or inappropriate messages on your social media pages can lead to problems securing a job. Some employers check their candidates’ social media pages during the hiring process, so make sure yours don’t have any red flags. You could also change your privacy settings so only your friends or followers can see your content too.

Don’t Talk About Your Old Job Negatively

Having a bad job is a situation many people can relate to. For one reason or another, you may have found your last job situation to be unbearable. While these feelings are valid, it’s not the best idea to broadcast them on social media. Potential employers or staffing agency representatives could see this as a sign that you would be a negative influence at their company. If you feel the need to discuss your old job on social media, be as diplomatic as possible. It’s probably best to avoid doing it at all though. Consider posting about topics related to the field you’re in instead.


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