3 Tips For Writing A Cover Letter

Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter can help set you apart from other candidates.

When you’re applying for a job, having a good cover letter is one of the best ways to secure the position! Your resume shows your prospective employer that you have the skills and education for the job, but your cover letter tells the story of why you’re the best person for the job. Cover letters are so important that many employees don’t consider a candidate’s application to be complete without one. Here are some tips you can use to write an outstanding cover letter.

Make An Engaging Introduction

There will likely be a lot of people applying for the position you’re aiming for, so it’s crucial to engage the person reading your cover letter early. In your first paragraph, make sure to state why you’re applying for the position. Your reasons for doing so should convey your passion for the work you’d be doing as well as your knowledge about the company you’re trying to work for. Also, avoid using the overused greeting “To whom it may concern”. Instead, do some research to find out who your point of contact is or address your cover letter to the hiring team as a whole.

Highlight Your Skills

When you write a cover letter, you’re essentially telling your potential employer why you’re the best person for the job. You can do this by looking at the job description for the position and writing about experiences you have that illustrate these skills. For example, one part of the job description may say that the employee will have to manage other employees. It would be a great idea to highlight a specific instance when you managed employees and the results of your management. Giving your potential employer detailed examples of your qualifications will show them what you are capable of and go a long way toward helping you get an interview.

Edit & Proofread

Once you’re done writing your cover letter, make sure that you read it over a few times before sending it in. Check for correct grammar, spelling, and content. Your cover letter is one of the first things the employer may see do it’s key to make this first impression a good one. Read it aloud to make sure everything sounds right before you finish up. Ensure that your point of contact and their organization’s names are both spelled correctly as well.


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