Staffing Agencies

4 Reasons Companies Use Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agencies

Learn why so many companies use staffing agencies to fill positions.

The hiring process can be an intense one because of all the resources that it takes to complete it. With the increasing popularity of staffing agencies being used, you might be curious about why companies use them instead of handling the hiring process in-house. Here are four reasons companies hire staffing agencies.

They Save You Time

From start to finish, the hiring process takes a lot of time. From writing a job description to looking at resumes and scheduling interviews, there are a lot of steps that all require a significant amount of time. In fact, on average, the entire hiring process can take 23 days in total, and this timeframe can extend based on your specific organization’s needs.

Instead of taking valuable resources to complete all the parts of the hiring process, many businesses use a staffing agency to take care of it. Staffing agencies have the resources to ensure your hiring process goes smoothly and that you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

They Find Qualified Candidates

Staffing agencies are experts in finding the most qualified candidates for jobs, making them attractive to companies who are looking for the best new employees. These agencies work to understand your industry and are aware of the skills necessary to excel in the positions you’re looking to add. This means they’ll be able to ask the right questions and get you the most qualified candidates by the end of the process.

They Save You Money

A common misconception about hiring a staffing agency is that it is too expensive to be worth the cost. However, hiring a staffing agency can pay for itself in the long run. When onboarding an employee, a business spends money training them and paying them, so it’s important to make sure this person is as likely to stay at the company as possible. Simply put, staffing agencies’ thoroughness helps cut down on hires who won’t stay at a company too long.

They Can Improve Your Productivity

With the hiring process delegated to a staffing agency, you will find yourself with more time to complete the other work you have to do at your company. If your company has an HR department, they can use the time that would use on the hiring process on other things. In the case that your business doesn’t have a dedicated HR department, hiring a staffing agency will be even more helpful.


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