4 Valuable Qualities for Program Management Professionals

4 Valuable Qualities for Program Management Professionals

4 Valuable Qualities for Program Management Professionals

Here are some vital qualities of effective program managers:

Program management is vital in any well-organized company. Professionals in program management are responsible for coordinating between project managers, promoting big-picture company priorities, and resolving conflicts among various teams. While their end goal is typically to serve company interests, these professionals must have a toolkit full of interpersonal skills in addition to their business acumen. Here are some vital qualities of effective program managers:

1) Program Management Professionals Must be Pragmatic

Program managers are often responsible for guiding numerous departments and solving countless problems simultaneously. To do this effectively, they must take a grounded and pragmatic approach to problem solving. Solutions that work well for one team may not complement another, and program managers must always sync with larger corporate interests. Excellent critical thinking skills and sound judgment will serve these professionals well.

2) Program Management Professionals Must Have Strong Communication Skills

While much of their responsibilities lie in making sound policy and procedural decisions, effective program managers must also be adept at navigating office politics. Making unilateral decisions is one thing, but gaining support from coworkers is another thing entirely. Program managers must also serve as mediators between project leaders, and they must hone their conflict resolution and communication skills to a razor’s edge.

3) Program Management Requires Organized and Detail-Oriented Individuals

Because these experts often interact with multiple teams at once, they must have exceptional organizational skills. Many program managers must work with teams in different departments, offices, or time zones. When working with other groups, program managers must keep everything straight; even the smallest error or missed detail can derail a project’s plans.

4) Experts in Program Management Operate Best Under Pressure

Finally, program managers must thrive under pressure. These professionals are constantly tasked with extinguishing fires, and they must track various project deadlines and complications. Effective program managers are able to make reasonable decisions even under mounds of stress.

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