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Employee Recruitment and Emerging New Hire Expectations in 2021

At Lewis-Price & Associates, we understand how to navigate the complex process of recruiting employees while considering emerging new hire

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Best Practices with Contracting

Best Practices with Contracting: How an Excellent Onboarding Experience Can Lead to Increased Employee Retention 

At Lewis-Price & Associates, we know that the process of hiring and retaining employees can be a time-consuming endeavor, particularly

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workplace culture

Workplace Culture: Improving Low Employee Morale Remotely

While the world continues to turn during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, companies whose employees are continuing to work from home

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training and development

Training and Development for Generation Z in the Workforce

Move over, millennials. According to Bloomberg Economics, approximately 40% of  Generation Zers make up the workforce in 2021. If your

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human capital management

Human Capital Management Can Increase Employee Productivity in a Work-from-Home Era

Human Capital managers understand the importance of time, particularly in the workplace. Now that workplace dynamics have shifted from the

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