Recruiting in 2021: New Trends for Hiring Fresh Talent

The COVID-19 pandemic shocked numerous industries across the globe, resulting in countless layoffs and reduced hiring that prevented the growth

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Human Capital: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Perform Exit Interviews

Does your company currently perform exit interviews for employees who have provided their two weeks’ notice? If not, you might

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human resources

Workplace Culture: How Human Resources Can Boost Employee Morale in Technology Industries

With the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled technology professionals serving as the backbone for numerous projects across multiple industries, it’s

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Information Technology Professionals in High Demand

Lewis-Price & Associates directly provides industry-leading Information Technology specialists and services for commercial businesses. For commercial businesses looking to ensure

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Top Tips for Success in Program Management

Of all the jobs you’ve held, who was your favorite manager, and why? What traits set your favorite manager apart

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