lewis price associates high performance

How to Create a Culture of High Performance on Your Team

lewis price associates high performance

Create a culture of high performance in your work environment.

Having a high-performing team isn’t something that just happens. It’s something that’s created by building the right environment for it. Creating an atmosphere that encourages and expects high-performance benefits every company. It helps create a better level of productivity and ensures that each employee understands their role in building the business. 

Define What High Performance Means

Before it’s possible to create this type of environment, it’s important to know what high performance means for your organization. In short, a high-performance company creates a larger return for stakeholders. These are organizations that typically achieve better financial as well as non-financial results. That could be better customer satisfaction or better employee retention. It’s not common for companies to reach this goal without putting a good deal of work into the process. 

What Behaviors Are Important for High Performance?

When considering what it takes, then, in creating this environment, there are a few things to focus on. First, consider the behaviors that are typically found in companies like this. They may be:

  • Organizations and team members that strive to do what’s best for the customer
  • They make quality an important function of what they do.
  • Organizations are focused heavily on response time, whether that’s delivering a product or meeting customer needs in other ways.
  • They tend to be process-oriented 
  • Organizations like this are always working to achieve improvement in various facets.

Tips for Creating a Culture Like This

There’s no single way of creating a high-performance company. It’s both an individual and a company-wide initiative that must be well communicated and defined. Start by defining what makes your organization attain that level? Outline goals and expectations for delivering this type of high performance. 

There are various strategies to consider adapting to reach this level, but there’s no simple roadmap to making it happen. Here are some factors to think about as you work to plan this type of culture:

  • Build in transparency. Communicate with team members what your expectations are. Then, tell them why that matters. 
  • Work to create a system of accountability that starts at the top and includes every person in the company – everyone is working towards this specific goal.
  • Focus on a consistent goal of improvement. Your roadmap to high performance starts with understanding where your company is now and then identifying ways to improve towards the target culture.

It’s always important to reassess and make adjustments to strategies to achieve goals like this. Defining company culture, putting the tools in place to make it happen, and being consistent lead to these high standards and ultimately the benefits that typically come with them. 

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