professional development training

Making Professional Development Training Work for You

professional development training

Here are three reasons why you should offer professional development training to your employees.

When employers think of professional development training, they often think of how it can help their staff better themselves and improve their work habits. While that is undoubtedly a draw for many employers, professional development training can do much more for your business than meets the eye. Here are three reasons why you should offer professional development training to your employees.

  • Benefits Current Employees

Offering professional development training helps employees improve and expand upon their current skill set. By giving your staff the tools and time to learn new ways of working and thinking, you are allowing them to increase the speed, efficiency, and quality of the work they perform. Not only does this benefit the employer, but it also gives employees transferable skills and knowledge which they can use in other workplaces or areas of their lives. Employees often value experiences like this and are likely to appreciate the gesture that their employers are putting forward.

  • Attracts Prospective Employees

Professional development training helps employers by creating more qualified employees, but did you know that it can also help your recruitment efforts? Many people looking for work are interested in jobs that provide opportunities for advancement, not only with positions offered but in terms of personal growth. If advertised and promoted correctly, offering professional development training to your employees can attract new employees who are driven, passionate, and dedicated to improving their performance. Employers can mention opportunities for training and growth on their websites, in online job listings, and in interviews with potential employees.

  • Helps Your Bottom Line

Although you are putting money forward in the short term when you provide professional development training for your employees, you can expect to reap considerable rewards in the long run. Training your employees, whether it’s to be more effective communicators, team leaders, or technology users, allows them to perform their duties better and more efficiently. This can help prevent your staff from making costly mistakes or spending valuable time trying to accomplish things for which they do not have adequate training. Time is money, after all, and well-trained employees are able to work more quickly and consistently.

Training With Lewis-Price & Associates

Lewis-Price offers various professional development training options. We create a custom program to fit your needs and preferred curriculum. Our engaged professionals are qualified to teach courses in Six Sigma, Microsoft Office, and more. Let our team join yours and help your staff reach their full potential. Call Lewis-Price today.


Lewis-Price is an SBA 8(a) certified staffing company committed to providing solutions to our clients and teaming partners alike. We staff diverse, engaged leaders in IT, cybersecurity, program management, and training. We value integrity and intention. We provide you with engaged professionals ready to join your team. To learn more about our staffing solutions, please contact us at (703)727-9182. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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