Office Life in 2021: The Impact of New Office Environments on Human Capital

Office Life in 2021: The Impact of New Office Environments on Human Capital

Office Life in 2021: The Impact of New Office Environments on Human Capital

Brick-and-mortar offices and remote work can each have a significant impact on human capital. Here are some potential solutions and outcomes to explore in 2021.

2021 is cracking on, full steam ahead. As we neared the end of the first month of the year, many professionals were contemplating what 2021 would hold. At its start, most of us hadn’t considered that the COVID-19 pandemic might still be around in 2021. While many businesses found ways to enter a new period of stability, questions about the future remain for managers to answer. One of the biggest questions that employees have is about office life: for those who have worked remotely for the past year, will remote work continue indefinitely? The answer can have significant implications for human capital management, and some business owners are still not entirely sure how to proceed.

Working Onsite Makes Human Capital Management Simpler

Transitioning back to in-office operations (once it is safe and practical to do so, of course) is something many managers are striving for. “Returning to normal” seems both impossible and necessary, and many professionals are working toward returning to onsite offices. Communication and human capital management are often much simpler in office settings. Employees are just a short walk away, and managers can give them instructions, provide feedback, and observe their staff members in real-time. Working in an office building also helps limit distractions for employees. Cybersecurity is essential to consider, too: office firewalls and computers are much easier to protect than multiple endpoints on less-than-secure networks.

Remote Work Offers Much-Needed Flexibility

While working in an office has its benefits, this past year has shown the value of remote work, too. Businesses can reduce their expenses by renting smaller offices, using fewer utilities, and having fewer facility maintenance needs overall. Many employees enjoy the flexibility that remote work can provide, and professionals can enjoy more free time without worrying about commutes. However, remote work is not without its challenges. Human capital management can be more difficult; teams may struggle to connect, and managers may not relate to their employees as much as they’d like without in-person communication. Mistakes can fly under the radar more easily, and some professionals struggle to maintain a work-life balance when they work from home.

Hybrid Solutions Can Offer the Best of Both Arrangements

Some companies are exploring hybrid solutions to welcome their team members back to the office. These arrangements can take many forms, from instituting a strict, part-time in-office schedule to giving employees full reign to decide where they work and when. Terms that combine in-office work with at-home flexibility allow employees and managers to get the best of both worlds. Managers can schedule face-to-face time with their staff members regularly, and employees can enjoy the shorter commute times and flexible work hours of remote work. No matter how your team decides to proceed in 2021, the team at Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc. is here to help!

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