Program Managers Can Contribute to Employee Work-Life Balance.. Here’s How

An effective Program Manager can positively contribute to the work-life balance of their employees.

At Lewis-Price & Associates, we believe that an effective Program Manager can positively contribute to the work-life balance of their employees and the organization as a whole. A recent report generated by BMC Public Health indicated an increasingly strong correlation between poor health and a lack of work-life balance. As companies implemented remote working environments during the COVID-19 pandemic, a positive shift in work-life balance was reported, and employees’ productivity increased by 25%. For Program Managers looking to contribute to employee work-life balance as their employees begin to head back to the office, here are a few steps you can take. 

Why Work-Life Balance is Essential for Program Managers to Care About

Implementing an outstanding work-life balance within your organization can help increase employee productivity, generate happier employees, and potentially keep your employees in good health by providing ample time outside of work to take care of their well-being. Additionally, an excellent work-life balance can help employees feel connected to their company without experiencing burnout from their weekly responsibilities and client interactions. By ensuring respectful policies that help contribute to a positive work-life balance within your organization, you can also potentially reduce employee turnover rates, which can save your company money in the long run. 

Always Make Time for Lunch

As a Program Manager, it’s essential to always make time for employee lunches when returning to the office. Ensuring that regular lunch breaks are provided daily can help your employees take a step away from their cubicles to have a quiet moment to themselves. When your employees are chipping away at work for hours at a time, they need to take a lunch break to ensure that they have plenty of time to rejuvenate themselves and ample nutritional fuel for their bodies. According to a study performed by Tork, regular lunch breaks contribute to employee productivity and increased workplace engagement. 

Consider Implementing Flex Fridays and Flexible Hours into Your Company Policies

Just because mass vaccinations have enabled workers to return to the office doesn’t mean that you have to forgo remote work entirely. Your company can consider implementing Flex Fridays into their policies, where employees work from home at least once a week. Additionally, consider adding flexible hours into your company policies to help support working parents and individuals outside the 9 to 5 range. By providing your employees with a sense of empowerment through their designated clock-in times and Flex Fridays, you can help contribute to their work-life balance and overall happiness with your company. 

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