Recruiting & Hiring Trends in the Information Technology Industry for 2021

Lewis-Price & Associates can ensure that your company is on the cutting edge with the latest recruiting and hiring trends in information technology.

Lewis-Price & Associates has noticed an increasingly high demand for tech professionals across the board in 2021. When it comes to sourcing highly skilled tech professionals to be brought onto your company’s team for your next project, there are a few recruiting and hiring trends that you should consider. Since COVID-19 shifted the business world into the digital realm, virtual interviews have become par for the course and are likely here to stay. Additionally, businesses are tuning into diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure that their talent pool is incredibly diversified. Lewis-Price & Associates can ensure that your company is on the cutting edge with the latest recruiting and hiring trends in the tech industry for 2021. 

Recruiting & Hiring Trends in Information Technology: The Market is Competitive

When it comes to the information technology industry, you should know that the market is incredibly competitive right now. Your company must move swiftly between the application, interview, and hiring process. This can help ensure that you’re able to hire the best possible talent for open positions and bring them on board with your company. Now that candidates can virtually interview with numerous companies on any given day, they’re seeking out companies capable of putting the highest offer on the table in the shortest time possible. This means that your business needs to act swiftly when it comes to hiring fresh talent.

Company Culture and Learning Opportunities

In the tech industry, candidates aren’t budging when it comes to company culture and learning opportunities. You can expect candidates to ask about what a daily workweek at your company might look like or if your company provides additional training and education to expand their skill set. This is particularly true in the tech industry, where there’s always new technology and software emerging that may render current skills unusable. Consider how your company contributes to an excellent workplace culture for your employees and how you can provide beneficial learning opportunities to attract qualified candidates.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

When it comes to new hire expectations, many candidates aren’t budging on their priorities and how they’d like to work remotely. While interviewing candidates, it’s important to ensure that the position is an excellent fit for both candidates and company alike. Whether you intend to remain fully remote, offer a flexible work schedule, or incorporate Flex Friday’s into your workweek — be upfront with your expectations for your employees and know that they might have different priorities. If you’re looking for additional tips to ensure high-quality hires, contact Lewis-Price & Associates today!

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