Step-By-Step Job Search Guide

Job Search Steps

Follow this step-by-step job search guide.

When you’re searching for a job, it can be overwhelming. The stakes are high and even though you know your goal is to get a new job, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to reach that goal. Getting a new job is a process that includes many steps, so don’t be discouraged it takes a while. Follow these tips to help you get a new job.

Figure Out Realistic Jobs For Yourself

It’s important that when you’re applying for jobs that you do so with purpose. Simply applying to a lot of jobs isn’t a great strategy, instead, you should target specific types of jobs based on your experience. For example, if you are a recent college graduate, you should focus on jobs that relate to what you studied in school. If you don’t have a degree, you should target jobs that relate to other ones you’ve had or skills that you’ve built over time. This step takes some self-reflection and it’s an important one to take before you even look at any job listings.

Manage Your Online Presence

With potential employers looking at candidates’ social media profiles more and more, it’s important to remember to keep your online presence professional and inoffensive. Many employers look at candidates’ profiles to see if they would be a good fit for the office culture, and having inflammatory content on your social media channels could hurt your chances for employment.

Prepare Your Resume

Your resume is the first thing a potential employer will see from you, so it’s a great idea to put effort into making it the best you can. Resumes should highlight your best features and lead to employers wanting to interview you. To make sure your resume has this effect, ensure that your resume is free of typos and has concrete information about the work you’ve done.

Reach Out To Your Network

Networking is an essential part of the job search and it can help you get a foot in the door at a great company. Your network is likely larger than you know and it will surely pay to let your network know you’re searching for a new job.

Apply For Jobs

Now that you’ve done all the prep work, it’s time to start applying for jobs! Make sure that when you’re applying that you are doing so with realistic goals in mind. Applying for jobs can be stressful so set goals for yourself and remember to be patient.


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