Top Indicators Your Employees Need Professional Development & Training

Lewis-Price & Associates provides comprehensive professional development and training for corporations looking to address critical gaps within their workforce.

Lewis-Price & Associates provides comprehensive professional development and training for corporations looking to address gaps within their workforce. We specialize in providing federal professionals and government agencies with a broad range of professional development solutions implemented through various innovative platforms. Whether you’re searching for in-person professional development and training, hybrid, or solely virtual classrooms to benefit your employees, we’ve got the experience to assist your organization. Our curriculum is custom-tailored to your specific organization’s needs, with training modules that can adequately address operational challenges and provide professional certification when necessary. This can ensure that your employees are well-trained, knowledgeable, and a vital asset within your workforce. Here are a few top indicators that your employees would benefit from professional development and training through Lewis-Price & Associates.¬†

Your Employees Need Professional Development & Training When Learning a New Skill 

If you’re considering implementing a new software or communication tool into your daily operations, your employees will benefit from professional development and training programs designed to teach them technical skills. This is critical when your employees adjust to a change in processes, products, or services that your organization may provide to clients. By ensuring that your employees are up-to-date and trained appropriately, they will be able to perform their daily duties effectively and confidently without any gaps.

You’ve Noticed a Lull in Employee Performance¬†

If you’ve noticed a lull in employee performance or decreased productivity at work, your company might benefit from an investment in professional development and training. According to the Huffington Post, companies can achieve approximately 24% higher profit margins when investing in professional development and training services due to increased retention. When you invest in your employees’ professional development and training, you invest in their performance by broadening their skill sets and capabilities. Since employees have been professionally trained to perform their tasks in the most effective and efficient manner possible, you can ultimately improve employee output daily.

Your Company Isn’t Implementing New Technologies

If your company isn’t implementing new technologies, your employees will likely shirk at the fact that their skillset will quickly deteriorate and not keep pace with modern technological advancements. This can increase your turnover rate. You’ll want to consider investing in new technologies and appropriate professional development and training programs for your employees to stay competitive in the modern workforce and keep your edge. Contact Lewis-Price & Associates for all of your professional development and training needs today!

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