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Training and Development for Generation Z in the Workforce

training and development

If your company is looking to attract talent from the Generation Z pool, you’ll want to strategize how to effectively boost their interest in your business.

Move over, millennials. According to Bloomberg Economics, approximately 40% of  Generation Zers make up the workforce in 2021. If your company is looking to attract talent from the Generation Z pool, you’ll want to strategize how to effectively boost its members’ interest in your business and keep them from job-hopping after you’ve spent months investing in training and development for them. While Generation Zers are similar to their millennial counterparts, they’re also increasingly dissimilar in their learning styles. An investment in training and development with Lewis-Price & Associates can help guide your company toward emerging training and development strategies to retain this new generation within the United States workforce.

Training and Development: Who is Generation Z? 

The oldest members of Generation Z are approximately 25 years old in 2021 and graduated from college in the spring of 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic hit. However, Generation Z is technically defined as individuals born between 1997 and 2010. While millennials came of age during the height of the internet, Gen Z members were born into a world where technology already existed and was part of the normative society. Due to these factors, Gen Zers grew up with technology their entire lives with digital media incorporated into their education. Since a typical learning environment for Generation Z included online tools, collaboration, and active learning environments — it’s best to implement training and development strategies for this generation that does the same. 

Strategies for Training and Retaining Generation Z 

When considering how to best train Generation Z to retain its talent pool within your company, you’ll also want to consider its members’ educational trends throughout their lifetime. As technology began to get boosted in the early 2000s, this created an educational environment for Generation Z that frequently incorporated digital media and active learning instead of traditional textbooks with lectures. To train and develop this particular talent pool of new hires, you’ll want to consider incorporating an active learning environment where they receive hands-on experience. Gen Zers want to be able to leverage online learning materials, videos, and web research. Lewis-Price & Associates can help your company effectively create a training and development program that considers this particular style of learning.

Provide Flexibility, Modern Office Environments, and Latest Technologies

An essential component of effectively training this particular generation is to consider the latest cultural shifts for workplace environments. Now, more than ever, Gen Z is searching for companies that provide flexibility and a modern office environment. Whether that modern office environment consists of a blended work-from-home or fully remote schedule is entirely up to the employer. By adding in the latest technology into your workplace, you can also expect to retain and keep Gen Zers interest to help prevent them from job-hopping. Reach out to Lewis-Price & Associates today for all of your training and development needs!

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