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Types of Workplace Communication Styles and How to Deal with Them

workplace communication lewis-price

In the workplace, making sure everyone is understood is integral to a successful business.

Much like different learning styles, everyone has different communication styles. In the workplace, making sure everyone is understood is integral to a successful business. Workplace culture should be collaborative, positive, and communicative. 

Passive Communication Style

Individuals with a passive communication style may not voice any concerns or issues they have. They may also choose less confrontational modes of communication like email. Passive communicators are great at going with the flow. Whatever path has the least amount of conflict is best for someone with this style. Speak directly with them and address any concerns, may be offer some examples if they say nothing. If there is a consistent issue with this, create a non-confrontational way for them to communicate any concerns, like an email system or regularly scheduled meetings where everyone voices their concerns. Just make sure they are given ample opportunity to say what is on their mind. 

Aggressive Communication Style

People with an aggressive communication style tend to speak loudly, maintain intense eye contact, and become defensive if confronted. They may react negatively to criticism and may be reluctant to admit to a mistake. If you need to engage someone with an aggressive communication style, keep your voice calm and focus on the bigger picture. By showing them how their actions affect their coworkers, someone with an aggressive communication style will realize the consequences of their actions. 

Passive-Aggressive Communication Style

People with passive-aggressive communication style may appear passive on the surface but will become resentful if their needs remain unmet. Passive-aggressive communicators will communicate their resentment subtly and indirectly. They may agree to be cooperative then do tasks poorly or sabotage projects. They may spread rumors or talk unkindly under their breath. To deal with passive-aggressive communicators, speak with them directly and read their body language.

Assertive Communication

Assertive communication is an open style of communication that is very effective, especially in the workplace. Assertive communicators are open about their desires, needs, ideas, and feelings. Their ultimate goal in a confrontation is for both sides to win, making them ideal workers. To build a workforce of assertive communicators, employ job development and training programs. 

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