What to Expect When Seeking Entry-Level Accounting Jobs

What to Expect When Seeking Entry-Level Accounting Jobs

What to Expect When Seeking Entry-Level Accounting Jobs

In this blog, we explore some of the basics of entry-level accounting jobs and what applicants can expect.

For professionals interested in finance, the field of accounting can present a remarkable range of job opportunities. Public accounting jobs, corporate positions, and openings at nonprofit organizations are just a few opportunities that jobseekers may pursue. Recent graduates and those who are just starting careers in finance can face stiff competition for entry-level accounting jobs, and the variety of positions available can easily overwhelm accounting novices. In this blog, we will explore some of the basics of entry-level accounting jobs.

Education, Certification Requirements for Accounting Jobs

As with most other fields, the opportunities available for those seeking accounting jobs often hinge on a candidate‚Äôs education, experience, and professional network. Many jobseekers looking for entry-level positions in accounting have few professional connections, making education and work experience even more critical. While some entry-level accounting jobs can be acquired with a high school diploma or associate’s degree, applicants will likely find that a bachelor’s or master’s degree opens many more doors. Some positions, such as certified public accountants, require specific certifications, classes, or licenses.

Public Accounting vs. Private Accounting

Professionals looking for accounting jobs should consider whether they would prefer to work in a public or private sector. Public accountants typically work for firms that serve many clients, and these professionals provide services for multiple individuals or businesses. These services can include forensic accounting, auditing, and consulting services. On the other hand, private accountants offer services to a single company, working as an in-house accountant and often focus on more in-depth accounting services. Both areas have pros and cons, and some accounting professionals strongly prefer one over the other. However, others may find themselves working in both public and private accounting positions throughout their careers.

Accounting Jobs in Healthcare, Nonprofit Organizations, and More

Jobseekers can also choose to work in a specific sector that interests them. Medical billing professionals and financial advisors may specialize in healthcare finance, providing critical assistance to patients and their families. Some professionals choose to work for nonprofit organizations. These accounting jobs often require vast knowledge about regulations regarding nonprofit organizations, charitable contributions, and membership fees. Others pursue accounting jobs with federal, state, or local governments. These positions are often stable and well-funded, though the high degree of competition and sometimes limited opportunities for growth can dissuade some professionals.


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