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Workplace Culture: How to Be a Great Coworker

lewis price and associates workplace

While you are not obligated to become best friends with your peers, you should be respectful of their opinions, feelings, and efforts.

There are many essential parts of being successful at a job in the workplace. Many often forget that one of the most vital parts of ensuring success at work is measuring how well they interact with their team members. Our work can often be a stressor to some of us, and good relationships with our coworkers can make our jobs a lot less stressful. Building solid relationships is key to making the workplace easier to navigate, a thriving place of business, and a stress-free space for everyone. The stronger and healthier the relationships are with our coworkers, the more productive and happier everyone will likely be, thus resulting in a thriving place of business. In this small guide, we’ll provide you with a few tips on how to become a great coworker.


1. Be Respectful of One Another


While you are not obligated to become best friends with your peers, you should be respectful of their opinions, feelings, and efforts. Regardless of how different your personality or views are from your coworkers; it is important to treat them with respect. Remember that disagreeing does not require being hurtful or rude. Exhibiting kindness to everyone that you work with is a good way to be a great co-worker.


2. Hold Yourself Accountable


In the workplace, accountability is the way you take ownership of your responsibilities and tasks assigned to you as it pertains to your job. Holding yourself accountable and committing to your job shows that you take your duties on the job seriously. Ultimately, it shows that you are a team player and shows a sign of respect for your coworker’s time as they have their own tasks to commit to as well.


3. Connect and Get to Know One Another


Making an effort to get to know your coworkers shows that you care about them not only as your work peers but as people. Establishing meaningful connections with your coworkers in the workplace is a great way for both parties to gain a level of comfort and trust amongst one another. When there is room to do so, take some extra time out during the workday to have a small chat with your peers. Invite them for an outing during lunchtime or make time for an after-work coffee meet.


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