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Founded in 2003, Lewis-Price provides meaningful staffing solutions to public and private companies that will assist our clients in achieving their business goals through targeted strategies and innovative training methods. We have quality talent to add to your staff to solve business problems in the fields of Information Technology, Cyber Security Operations, Information Assurance and Global Security, Contract Administration and Asset Management, Program Management, Professional Development and Training, Administrative Support, and other high-demand areas.

Our reliable strategies and training methods deliver measurable benefits, immediate impacts, and substantial savings to all our clients.

Ken Coleman

President and CEO

Ken Coleman is the founder, president and CEO of Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc, a Inc. 5000 staffing company headquartered in McLean, Va. specializing in placing top professionals nationwide in the areas of information technology, professional development training, administrative support and other high-demand positions.

Ken has over 25 years of progressive experience working within the finance and accounting and business areas focused within government contracting. Prior to starting Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc. he was a manager for the government contracting division of Argy, a public accounting firm. He was also, director of finance and operations for a multi-million dollar, incorporated 500 information technology company, where he oversaw the finance and accounting, human resources, and internal IT departments. Ken has held positions of CFO, COO, and director, at companies with annual revenue ranging from $1M to $200M.

As a corporate leader, Ken has managed all functional operational and back office areas of business. He also was a hands-on manager and worked in a tactical capacity providing advice and guidance to clients. He has been involved with the strategic planning aspect with companies and has worked with banks and financing institutions securing the necessary funding and working capital preparing organizations for expansion and growth.

He is an advocate for giving back to the community and sits on the board of directors for a grass roots non-profit organization called Prosperity Media, which focuses on exposing youth to media arts. He is also a member of the Alexandria Olympic Boys and Girls Club Alumni Committee, which was started to help with fundraising initiatives and campaigns.

Ken has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MBA with a concentration in Management from Strayer University.

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James Powel

Chief Operating Officer

James Powell is the Chief Operating Officer for Lewis-Price for Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc. a Inc. 5000 staffing company headquartered in McLean, Va. specializing in placing top professionals nationwide in the areas of information technology, professional development training, administrative support and other high-demand positions.

He brings more than 20 years of operational, financial, and technological expertise. James’ experience and knowledge adds tremendous value to the company. James provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. He accomplishes this through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the objectives of the company.

He collaborates with the management team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the objectives of the company. He motivates and leads a high-performance management team and provides mentoring as a cornerstone to the management career development program.

His previous position was deputy chief information officer for the Office of State Superintendent of Education in the Washington, D.C. public school system. He was responsible for the technical call center, the project management team, procurement, budget, finance and grants management. Prior to that he was as a project manager and his job was to grow OSSE’s portfolio via visioning, strategic themes, roadmaps and enterprise consolidation.

He has an MBA and a Bachelor of Science from East Carolina University in North Carolina.

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Our Legacy Story

Our founder, Ken Coleman, wished to create a company that represented the legacy and values that were instilled in him by his grandfather’s, the subsequent namesakes of Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc. (Lewis-Price). The story of our company is rooted in the examples of Theodore E. Lewis, Sr. and Walter Penn Price, two great men who lead their lives with integrity and intention. These benevolent individuals ingrained the ideals of truth, respect, honesty, and standing up for your convictions.

Both Lewis and Price imprinted their own foundational core values into our founder and these pillars of ideals continue to inspire his staff to lead through example by offering intentional, fair, honest, and true solutions for customers.

Grounded in the values of integrity and intention, Lewis-Price is committed to helping our clients find the right professionals at the right time to meet their corporate objectives. With a unique blend of professionalism, passion, and problem-solving techniques, we will provide you with the most cost-effective path that will supply you with business solutions which increase productivity, optimize performance levels, and maximize staff consistency.

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Lewis-Price is a career development company that provides information technology staffing, professional development training, and administrative support staffing services throughout the country including Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, West Virginia, Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Vermont. When you choose to partner with Lewis-Price, we provide you with engaged professionals ready to join your team. To learn more about our staffing solutions, please contact us.