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Founded in 2003, Lewis-Price provides meaningful staffing solutions to public and private companies that will assist our clients in achieving their business goals through targeted strategies and innovative training methods. We have quality talent to add to your staff to solve business problems in the fields of Information Technology, Cyber Security Operations, Information Assurance and Global Security, Contract Administration and Asset Management, Program Management, Professional Development and Training, Administrative Support, and other high-demand areas.

Our reliable strategies and training methods deliver measurable benefits, immediate impacts, and substantial savings to all our clients.

Our Legacy Story

Our founder, Ken Coleman, wished to create a company that represented the legacy and values that were instilled in him by his grandfather’s, the subsequent namesakes of Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc. (Lewis-Price). The story of our company is rooted in the examples of Theodore E. Lewis, Sr. and Walter Penn Price, two great men who lead their lives with integrity and intention. These benevolent individuals ingrained the ideals of truth, respect, honesty, and standing up for your convictions.

Both Lewis and Price imprinted their own foundational core values into our founder and these pillars of ideals continue to inspire his staff to lead through example by offering intentional, fair, honest, and true solutions for customers.

Lewis Price, a company built on integrity and intention. By design, our company leads by example. This concept is based upon the legacy of two great men. The story of Lewis-Price begins with the roots of its namesakes, Theodore E. Lewis, Sr. and Walter Penn Price, who are the grandfathers of company founder, Ken Coleman.

Theodore Lewis, known as “Pop,” was born November 9, 1915. Pop instilled a deep sense of integrity, trust, and respect into everyone around him, especially Ken. A man born into a segregated America and who survived the Great Depression; he stayed true to his values. Although life and circumstances were difficult, Pop rose above his obstacles and stood out.

Pop found a way to engage everyone in his presence. Each person who came into contact with Pop was given the benefit of the doubt. He believed that despite difficult circumstances, a virtuous life would provide the best outcome. Pop had a strong belief in truth and respect. He did not shy away from the hard truth but he did speak his mind. It meant that Pop would share his convictions, even if difficult, in a manner that others could hear and understand. Intent! Lewis spent over 40 years working for the City of Alexandria, Virginia without complaint. He believed in giving more than was expected and his work ethic was unwavering. Even-tempered, honest, and driven, Pop was a role model for all around him.

Walter Penn Price, known as “P.P.” was born October 25, 1910. Also, a city of Alexandria worker, Price was similar to Pop in that he also believed in honesty and integrity. However, while Pop was an even-tempered man, Price was known for communicating with bold resolve and addressed tough issues with a lion’s heart. Price had a fierceness about him that taught Ken how to keep that fighting spirit when “the going gets tough.” Growing up in segregated America and working hard to provide for his family, Walter knew what it meant to struggle and the importance of having a voice. Price modeled to Ken the importance of speaking your mind and standing up for what you believe in, always doing so with true and honest intent, never disenfranchising others.

Intention is defined as clearly formulated or planned to obtain a given outcome. Integrity is defined as being honest and fair both publicly and privately. Here at Lewis-Price we take the legacy of these two pillars as a foundation in all we do. Our closed-door meetings match the public image. Our customers, employees, and the community know that we are intentional, outcome driven, fair, and honest.

We give more than expected and seek to make the world a better place, one project and one person at a time. Lewis-Price is built upon the foundation of our namesakes and will continue to lead by example with their spirit running through each step we take.

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