administrative support training

4 Skills to Strengthen with Administrative Support Training

administrative support training

Read on to discover which four skills administrative support training should focus on to create capable and competent employees.

Think about the administrative support professionals with whom you have worked in the past. Chances are, you can think of a few rockstar employees with a “no task is too small” attitude, stellar time management skills, and a knack for tackling whatever was thrown at them. Great administrative support staff are not born; they are made over time through training and experience. Read on to discover which four skills administrative support training should focus on to create capable and competent employees.

1. Problem-Solving Skills

A capable administrative support professional notices problems and either solves them or brings them to the attention of a coworker who can. It takes time and training to develop a baseline of understanding for which issues to address directly and which problems to bring to others, and this can depend heavily on the preferences of supervisors and management. Administrative support training strengthens creative problem-solving skills to give employees the tools they need to solve problems on their own and know when to bring issues to others.

2. Communication

All employees should be effective communicators, but this is especially true for administrative support staff, who are often required to communicate with many different clients and coworkers on behalf of their employer. Communication comes naturally to some people, but others must practice talking with others to be able to communicate well consistently. Administrative support training can teach an employee how to appropriately and effectively talk via email, on the phone, or in person with peers, clients, and superiors.

3. Organization & Time Management

Administrative support staff are often given many different tasks to work on at once, and an untrained employee can lose their head (and their paperwork) when overwhelmed with responsibilities. Training employees in organization and time management can help them cope with a large and varied workload, which allows the rest of your business to run smoothly.

4. Technology

The technologies used in business change rapidly, and it can be difficult for anyone to keep up. Although some employees are adept at learning how to use new technologies on the job, you may find that other members of your staff need more guidance. Teaching your staff how to use the programs necessary for the operation of your business is vital, and even seasoned employees can learn about new shortcuts and features when taught by a dedicated professional.

Training With Lewis-Price & Associates

Lewis-Price is pleased to offer professional development and training programs with a custom curriculum for your employees. We provide training in Microsoft Office, Sigma Six, and other specialized courses to introduce your staff to new technologies and ways of thinking or to hone the skills they already possess. Our engaged professionals will work with your staff to help them be more efficient, increase productivity, and reach their full potential.



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