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5 Skills of an Excellent Company Recruiter

Recruiters are valuable to their company, as they are responsible for hiring and retaining the right personnel to help their company succeed. To find the best people, a company recruiter must be able to source, screen, interview, reject, and onboard candidates. Researching, networking, and collaborating with other team members is a vital part of their job which is to find the best new additions to help the company continue to expand. While recruiters require a lot of skills, there are five that are essential for any excellent company recruiter. 

Listening Skills

The more you listen to your other team members or clients about the role requirements, the more you can expertly craft job descriptions and find suitable candidates. The more you can listen to candidates, the more you will be able to tell whether the position is right for them. The ability to listen carefully during interviews also allows recruiters to build better relationships with candidates during the screening and interview process. 


Recruitment can often be similar to sales, meaning that you have to put in a little elbow grease to go out there and find that perfect candidate. In a competitive job market, a company recruiter must be target-oriented, able to handle pressure, and ambitious. The best candidate won’t be waiting around long, so you need to know how to pursue them quickly. 

Being target-driven will motivate you to explore all recruitment tools at your disposal, including job board sites, employee referrals, and cold calling. 

Communication Skills 

A recruiter must be able to work well with team members, but especially job candidates. These candidates have invested a lot of time in your company, so you must be able to deal with them appropriately, whether over the phone, via email, or face-to-face. You want to show candidates that you value your time and that you can tailor each interaction to suit individual candidates. 

Appropriate communication also means giving successful and unsuccessful candidates the same amount of respect. While you send successful candidates a congratulatory email, be sure to send unsuccessful candidates a respectful rejection notice with helpful feedback. This can help maintain positive relationships and increase the chance that candidates will speak well of your company. 


Patience and flexibility go hand-in-hand as a company recruiter. Things don’t always go according to plan. If a candidate cancels an interview or is unresponsive, you may have to be patient or pivot to new candidate selections. If you struggle to find quality candidates, be patient and re-examine your hiring solutions. Successful recruitment is about seeing the big picture and treating the hiring process as a marathon, not a sprint. Taking the time to find the right person will produce better satisfaction overall. 

IT Skills 

Modern technology is a key tool for all recruiters, so it is essential to have the IT skills to navigate this technology. It is important to know which platforms people use to apply for jobs and to learn how to source candidates on these platforms. The combination of these five recruitment skills will help you successfully build an excellent team at your company.

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