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5 Growing Trends in Human Capital Management

In your role as a business leader, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in employee development and retention. The human capital management field is full of innovation and can offer you plenty of ideas you can adapt to your own team’s development. The following five human capital management trends are being incorporated by businesses nationwide. Are they a good fit for your organization and its goals? 

Use Technology To Augment Work Instead of Replace It

It may seem counterintuitive, but technology can bring back some humanity to the workplace. When we think of technology as augmenting jobs rather than replacing human roles, we can harness its power for the better. For example, AI can be considered “IA,” Intelligence Augmentation.” This acknowledges that people are still part of the critical decision-making process, even if technology plays a larger role in the work that is created or managed.

Make Compassion a Cornerstone of Leadership

It is becoming increasingly clear to leaders that compassion can be a valuable part of their leadership toolkit. However, how to expand their compassion and incorporate it into a professional setting isn’t always obvious. Building this skill is a new focus of many leaders because they recognize the need to communicate with employees and clients in a way that leaves them satisfied professionally and personally. 

Personalize Learning and Development 

The days when skill training is dictated by one’s manager or training department are mostly gone. Instead, employees are expected to drive their learning by accessing many available resources. There are often formally developed programs alongside user-generated programs or review courses that help keep employees trained and up to date and the latest skills for their position. 

This trend in human capital management can be beneficial in encouraging employees to seek out skills that interest them and contribute to their performance. However, the challenge is ensuring employees can sift through the rapidly-changing offerings by training vendors to determine what aligns best with their organization’s goals. 

Use Design Thinking in Human Systems Development 

Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology that focuses on creating solutions centered around a user’s needs. This goes beyond thinking, “what do our employees want” to asking, “how can we design an overall experience that best meets employee and business needs?” You can apply this approach to recruiting and onboarding, and off-ramping employees. Refreshing these processes can help revamp and improve your organization’s efficiency and employee satisfaction. 

DIY Team Creation 

Another rising trend in human capital management is permitting employees to have more control over their destinies at work. This particularly plays out regarding the creation of teams. Sometimes employees know best who they work well with and who has the skills they need to fill in necessary gaps on a team. Some leaders are also exploring the potential of keeping effective teams intact while moving them around the organization to capitalize on their productivity. 

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