Best Practices with Contracting

Best Practices with Contracting: How an Excellent Onboarding Experience Can Lead to Increased Employee Retention 

Best Practices with Contracting

At Lewis-Price & Associates, we know that the process of hiring and retaining employees can be a time-consuming endeavor, particularly when it comes to best practices with contracting.

At Lewis-Price & Associates, we know that the process of hiring and retaining employees can be a time-consuming endeavor, particularly when it comes to best practices with contracting. From the time a company posts a job opening on LinkedIn to when a new hire is selected and subsequently onboarded, it can be a rigorous undertaking. Without a good onboarding experience, new hires can feel out of place and unaligned with a company’s goals, ultimately leading to resignation within a few months. Lewis-Price & Associates can assist companies with establishing an excellent onboarding experience to ensure employee retention. 

Best Practices with Contracting: Excellent Onboarding Can Retain Employees 

Research by Glassdoor, one of top job sites within the industry, determined that great employee onboarding can improve employee retention significantly. When companies establish a strong onboarding process, new hire retention increased by 82% and productivity by 70%. With unemployment rates low and numerous job opportunities available to potential employees, it’s critical to keep your new hires invested from the very beginning. Statistically, excellent onboarding practices can help retain employees for the long term and increase productivity. Lewis-Price & Associates can assist companies with developing good onboarding practices for their new hires and organization. 

Getting Your New Hires Established in Their Roles

Being a new hire at a company can be an isolating experience, especially if there isn’t a good onboarding process established. By instituting a good onboarding process, you can help employees comfortably transition into their new roles instead of throwing them to the wolves where they might crack under immediate pressure. From a statistical standpoint, companies with poor onboarding programs are more likely to have a high employee turnover rate. An investment with Lewis-Price & Associates to create an excellent onboarding process can help secure your employees comfortably in their new positions for the long term. 

Save Money through Good Onboarding Practices

By investing in a strong onboarding process, you can save money in the long term by increasing your employee retention rate and employee morale instead of training new employees every other month for the same position. Consider spearheading an excellent onboarding process to keep your employees engaged, productive, and invested in your company. Lewis-Price & Associates can work with your company to effectively overhaul your onboarding process to benefit your company and future employees. Contact Lewis-Price & Associates today!

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