Generating Workplace Culture While Working Remotely

It’s essential to re-evaluate where your company’s current workplace culture stands.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic that led to numerous companies closing their offices indefinitely while employees joined the remote workforce, it’s essential to reevaluate where your company’s current workplace culture stands. Since many businesses are opting to incorporate remote working into their company’s work policies for good, this may significantly impact workplace culture. As an employer, one of your key goals should revolve around maintaining your company culture. Your company’s culture can contribute to your brand reputation, recognition and even boost productivity amongst your employees. Remote work doesn’t have to impact your workplace culture negatively; in fact, your workplace culture can thrive. Here’s how.

Reinforce Your Workplace Culture 

Your HR department and department managers can play an essential role in reinforcing workplace culture. You can ensure that having weekly staff meetings provide your employees with flexibility in their schedules, offer learning opportunities, ensure team communication, and reinforce your values through your business practices towards your employees. Additionally, consider how life has changed since COVID-19 unfolded. Perhaps weekly potluck dinners are a thing of the past, even with vaccine rollouts en masse. Consider how you can get your employees together, at least once a month, to reinforce your workplace culture and connections with one another. Will it be through a company-wide baseball game invite or perhaps a company-hosted happy hour at a local restaurant? 

Enhance Work-Life Balance by Encouraging Flexibility

Now, more than ever, remote working opportunities provide employees with the ability to have little flexibility in their schedules. Do not resist the change of the tides and how workplace dynamics are shifting. Instead, lean into it and work with your employees to enhance their work-life balance. Throughout the last year and a half, employees have had to wear many hats in addition to fulfilling their job duties. Your company can enhance your work-life balance by providing more flexible leave policies, encouraging flexible schedules, child care support, and more. 

Support Mental Health and Employee Wellness

As a modern company, it’s essential to provide mental health support and employee wellness programs to your employees to help your workplace culture. Consider implementing mental health days, gym memberships covered by the company, and supporting your employees in remote working environments. By caring for your employees, you can help generate a positive workplace culture while they’re working remotely. 

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