workplace fitness

How to Stay Active on the Job

workplace fitness

The experts at Lewis-Price weigh in on three transitional fitness tips to stay healthy in the workplace.

Staying active on the job can seem like an easy task. The real challenge arises in the ability to do it consistently. That means taking the steps to stay active when you don’t feel like it, when it’s raining outside, and when you are experiencing an increase in stress. Lewis-Price is no stranger to the importance of getting adequate exercise. Sherman Mathis is the on-site fitness and wellness coach who specializes in transitional fitness. Transitional fitness is a program that takes the current fitness level of an individual combined with their goals and lifestyle to create a comprehensive plan that will allow the client to begin a lifelong, healthy lifestyle. Here are Sherman’s top 3 ways to stay healthy in the workplace.

Take the Stairs

The benefits of taking the stairs outweigh being comfortable in the elevator. Taking the stairs increases your ability to move. Your good cholesterol levels will rise and the strength in your legs will increase. These two things together lower your risk of osteoporosis as you get older as well as the onset of a chronic illness. Taking the stairs will help you burn calories and manage your body weight. Climbing two flights of stairs per day is estimated to lead to 6 pounds of weight loss per year. Imagine the results if you took those same stairs three times daily on each of your breaks and combined them with a balanced diet?

Take Advantage of Breaks

Most corporate employees get two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch break. The best way to take advantage of these breaks is to get up and move. Don’t sit through your breaks. You can easily take a short walk or go to a fitness center and get on a cardio machine for 10 minutes. It’s a great way to increase your circulation and burn extra calories.

Participate in Workplace Fitness Challenges

Workplace fitness challenges give team members the ability to take part in something fun and get rewarded for it. It enhances the atmosphere of the workplace and increases the reputation of the employer by showing an interest in the well-being of their team. At Lewis-Price, there is a monthly Fitbit challenge that pays the top three participants for a job well done. Each month the challenge changes and is available for those who haven’t already won within that same quarter. So, get involved in the Fitbit challenge! Follow these three steps and you won’t lose your mobility due to sedentary work.


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