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The Key Skills for Administrative Support Providers

Administrative support is essential for the smooth operation of any business. Your administrative assistants can handle the day-to-day administrative tasks for one or more executives and serve as a polite and professional face of the company for visitors to your office. Without your administrative support team’s organizational and communication skills, your company may not be able to reach its fullest potential. If you want to add excellent administrative support providers to your business, look for candidates with the following key administrative skills. 

Strong Organizational Abilities

Organization is the cornerstone of administrative support. This skill is required for staying on top of calendars, keeping paperwork, both digital and physical, filed neatly, and being able to think ahead to what’s next. 

Clear Communication Skills

Administrative assistants absorb the communications executives don’t have the time to deal with. They often answer emails and take phone calls on behalf of these executives and are required to communicate with important clients on a regular basis. The ability to communicate clearly, with good spelling and a personable manner, is essential to representing the company well and keeping company relationships strong. 

Initiative and Drive 

The best administrative support providers are not just reactive, responding to needs as they come in. They are also proactive, looking for ways to create efficiencies, streamline processes, and implement new programs that can benefit themselves, their executives, or the business as a whole. 

IT Literacy 

Being literate in IT programs and operations is essential for an admin role. Proficiency in standard programs like Microsoft Office, as well as specific program management tools of the company, is a must. Fast typing skills are also helpful to ensure efficiency by your admin assistant. 

Discretion and Honesty 

Administrative professionals are involved in nearly every aspect of the business, which means they may be likely to hear or be included in confidential communications, and strategy meetings and have access to numerous confidential information. The person with this access must be reliable and be able to keep this information confidential from people inside and outside the organization. 

Every business is unique, so the administrative skills needed are sometimes different. However, the critical skills listed above are sure to help your administrative support team provide the essential services you require to maintain business operations. 

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