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The Top 4 Reasons Business Cybersecurity Is Essential

Cyber attacks are one of the most pressing issues for businesses, both large and small. With most businesses relying on various technologies for their daily operations, investing in business cybersecurity is critical. Leaving your business open to cyber attacks can mean that your company’s information, and that of your clients, may be compromised, and you may face spending exorbitant amounts of money to resolve the damage from cyber-attacks. Lewis-Price understands the importance of business cybersecurity and is here to help you implement best practices. If you are not yet convinced, the following reasons illustrate why cybersecurity is essential in this modern age. 

The Increasing Number of Cybercrimes

No matter the size of your business, a cyber attack can hurt you. This is because every company has key assets any hacker can take advantage of. They may be after the personal information of your business or customers, or they may be after money. Cybercrimes continue to rise each year as technology continues to connect every business and customer across the globe. 

The Use of More IoT Devices

The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has helped us simplify tasks but has also left more people vulnerable to hackers. As IoT devices use advanced technologies for constant connectivity and data sharing, they present more surface areas for data breaches. It may not matter how advanced your security measures may be; these Internet-connected devices provide an opening to criminals if you don’t manage them properly.

Increasing Your Technology Usage

The evolution of technology means that we all use some form of technology at various points of our day and most of our working days. Cloud services are booming, as are serverless computing, edge computing, and API services. Processes can be increasingly and efficiently automated and dynamically adapted. Attackers are attempting to disrupt this hyper-automation by going after APIs, which can, in turn, seriously impact the processes of any business. 

Evolving Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most profitable cyberattacks of the moment. Ransomware has affected all kinds of technologies, including virtual systems, cloud computing, and OT/IoT. Anything connected to a reachable network is a potential target. Cybercriminals will increasingly attempt to steal data for double extortion or disable security tools and make threats with the personal data they have stolen. 

Business cybersecurity is an issue that affects everyone. If you are a business owner, one of the best investments you can make is a comprehensive cybersecurity system and plan to fend off attacks and know how to respond if anything goes wrong. Lewis-Price has the cybersecurity knowledge to help you devise the best plan for your needs. 

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