Tips For A Successful Interview

Interview Tips

Use these tips when you’re at your next interview!

Once you’ve put some time into getting your resume together and sending in applications, and maybe even participating in a phone interview, you’ll be contacted by your prospective employer for an in-person interview. This is a good sign! Make sure your interview goes well by using these tips.

Be Prepared

Your interview is usually the first time your potential employer is seeing you in person, so it’s important to make the most of the opportunity. The best way to do this is to make sure you’re completely prepared for the interview. You can do this by doing some research on the company you’re hoping to work for, getting your interview outfit together, printing out copies of your resume, and planning your commute for the interview. Getting the logistical and informational parts taken care of will help you focus on the interview alone when the time comes.

Arrive A Bit Early

When arriving for an interview, you want to strike a delicate balance. You want to arrive early enough to show your interviewer that you’re eager to speak with them while ensuring you don’t arrive so early that it causes you or the interviewer to be uncomfortable. Arriving 15-20 minutes early will give you the chance to get yourself in the right frame of mind for your interview. Use this time to take some deep breaths and relax before your interview starts.

Stay Calm

Even though you may be putting a lot of hope into getting a particular job, it’s important to stay calm throughout the interview. Getting too worked up or putting too much pressure on yourself can backfire. Remember that while the power dynamic may seem like it’s in the employer’s favor, you also have a great deal of power. Essentially, you and the employer are both talking to the other party to see if the two of you will be a good fit with each other. When you realize that the interview should be a two-way conversation, there should be less pressure on you than there was before.

Follow Up Afterwards

While this step takes place a little after the actual interview takes place, it’s still an important part of the interview process! Following up to thank your interviewer for their time is a nice gesture that can only help your chances of getting the job. Sending a short, personalized follow-up email to the person who interviewed you can set you apart from other candidates.


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