The Value of Administrative Assistants


Discover the value of administrative assistants.

Administrative assistants are valuable members of a well-oiled business machine. From answering phones, scheduling, keeping records, and data entry, admin assistants make sure these essential tasks are complete so you can focus on what you do best, running your business! So, why are admins so valuable for a company? 

Give Your Time Back 

How often have you gotten a great new idea in the middle of doing paperwork? Once you get a moment to jot it down, the phone rings, and you’re talking with another client. Jumping from one task to another maintaining your business can be exhausting. Administrative assistants can take that critical clerical work off your plate, which will give you back valuable time you can spend growing your business. 

Facilitate Clerical Tasks

Administrative assistants not only can perform clerical tasks, but streamline how they’re done. When you’re busy running from meeting to meeting, you don’t always have the most time to prepare effectively. An assistant can run your reports in advance, so you have ample time to prepare. And while you’re in the meeting, they can answer phones and make appointments, so you won’t miss out on prospective clients because you’re unavailable. 

Centralize Information and Communication

Every business needs a central operations hub to ensure everything is directed to the correct department. An admin can facilitate communications not just in the office but with your clients too. Since an admin will be available to answer phones and check status updates, they can be a point of contact for any customers who have a question, reducing potential frustration. 

Appeal to Your Strengths

There are a wide variety of talents and strengths. When you’re a business owner, you have to be flexible and put on many hats, even if they’re not your area of expertise. Great administrative assistants can take some pressure off you by filling in the gaps where you need a little extra help. For example, you might be great at selling and coming up with ideas but not great with developing an employee handbook or remembering to follow up on invoices. This is where an assistant can help, leaving you the tasks you love about running your own business while knowing the rest is taken care of. 

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