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5 Benefits of Six Sigma Training for Professionals

Six Sigma training and certification can be an effective way to gain critical experience in project management. Professionals who want to further their careers can invest in Six Sigma training at Lewis-Price & Associates to increase their career opportunities and make themselves invaluable to their company. Developed in the ’80s, Six Sigma principles are geared towards improving business processes. Individuals certified in Six Sigma can achieve different “belt” levels, which indicate the level of understanding and experience with these principles: from White Belt up to sixth-level Champion. If you want to know how a Six Sigma certification can benefit you as an individual professional, read on to discover the top five advantages. 

Increase Your Value to Your Employer 

A Six Sigma certification indicates that you are equipped to solve quality control issues quickly, eliminate sources of errors, and keep production operating as efficiently as possible. Your training will also help you know how to reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase business revenue–skills that are immensely appealing to employers. These skills will help you shine at your company and could lead to opportunities for advancement. 

Gain On-the-Job Experience

Six Sigma training and certification requires compiling one or more projects that use the tool’s principles. The certification process will provide you with hands-on experience in project management and quality assurance. This on-the-job experience can help you move into management roles and understand how to impact your organization positively. 

Improved Job Prospects

Certification in Six Sigma can help you stand out to employers. Your training in cost reduction, revenue improvement, quality control, and leadership makes you a rare standout in the applicant pool. Six Sigma skills are beneficial for many industries, so demonstrating that you have these skills makes you an attractive candidate for many different roles. 

Move Into Managerial Roles

The Six Sigma training process improves your management, leadership, and team-building skills, which are highly valuable for managerial roles. Increasing your Six Sigma belt levels will further enhance your ability to manage increasingly larger projects and teams. 

Higher Salary Expectations 

Getting certified in something as valuable as Six Sigma principles can help support your case when you ask for a higher salary in your job. It can additionally qualify you for new, better-paying roles because it demonstrates that you can handle responsibilities and work more efficiently than other employees. Salary increases often depend on your years of experience and certifications, which Six Sigma skills demonstrate to your employer. 

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