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5 Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For

Soft Skills

Communication is one of the most important soft skills for the workplace.

Soft skills describe abilities that unlike hard skills, aren’t necessarily abilities you learn formally. These skills are harder to quantify but are no less important than hard skills. Employers are looking for candidates who have a combination of both hard and soft skills. Too many job candidates put so much effort into developing hard skills that they neglect to hone their soft ones. This is a mistake because not only do soft skills make employees more well-rounded, these skills also help improve their marketability. Here are some of the soft skills that employers are seeking from their future employees.

Communication Skills

Communication is central to success in the workplace. Virtually every job involves communicating with someone else in some way. Employers are looking for candidates who know how to use various mediums to get information across to diverse groups. Proper email etiquette and face-to-face communication skills are both equally important for success in the workplace. A big part of communication is being a good listener.


It’s important for employees to be creative because regardless of what work they do, they will need to adapt to challenges. Having a mindset that can apply unconventional solutions to workplace problems is extremely valuable. Creativity could help your new employer solve a longstanding problem and help them save money in the process! Because of this, they value creativity a lot.


Many people will think that because they are not in an executive position, they won’t be a leader at work. This isn’t true! It’s possible to showcase your leadership skills no matter what your position is. Companies need leaders at all levels to ensure that their overall mission is carried out. While you may not think of yourself as a leader, you almost certainly have some experience leading. Maybe you led a project at your job or helped out with a student organization.

Time Management

This is an essential skill because you’re sure to get a good number of assignments weekly and you’ll have a limited amount of time to complete them. Having good time management skills will allow you to complete your tasks efficiently and help you maintain a good work-life balance. It’s important that you have the ability to prioritize your work and get it done.

Desire To Learn

Being open to learning new things lets employers know that you have a thirst for knowledge. This is an important skill to have in the workplace because you may find yourself having to adjust to a new role or some added responsibilities. Being willing to learn new things will show your employer that you have the right attitude to adjust to changes.



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