Addressing Challenges in Cybersecurity Staffing

Filling any vacancy can be difficult, but trying to find qualified cybersecurity professionals for specialized positions can present unique challenges. Many people see job seekers as having the sole active role in new employment. Still, folks involved in cybersecurity staffing know that employers must be proactive in order to acquire top talent. Fortunately, there are a few key things that businesses can do to make themselves more attractive to potential employees. Read on to discover some essential tips that can give your company an edge when it comes to cybersecurity staffing.

Listen to Your Cybersecurity Professionals

One of the unique challenges of cybersecurity jobs is the fact that these professionals must be able to explain security risks and vulnerabilities to peers and managers with no IT experience. In many instances, the essential changes and valid concerns raised by cybersecurity professionals go unheeded, and, as a result, these employees experience burnout and become discouraged. One way to make your company more attractive to candidates (and keep your data safe) is to listen to your current IT staff. Encourage folks in non-technical positions to attempt to understand what your cybersecurity professionals are talking about. Fostering a company culture where cybersecurity professionals are respected and listened to will not only improve outcomes with your current staff, but it will also benefit your future cybersecurity staffing efforts.

Offer Opportunities for Enrichment and Growth

Cybersecurity professionals know the value of consistent growth and continuing education. Threats and technology change every day, and your staff should change with them. Incentivizing continuing education and offering training programs not only gives you a more qualified and knowledgeable staff, but it also makes you more attractive to potential employees. Offering things like mentorship programs, development training, and funding for certifications can assist with employee retention, morale, and staffing — just don’t forget to spread the word about these opportunities.

Utilize a Cybersecurity Staffing Company

While there are likely plenty of things that your in-house HR personnel can handle, cybersecurity staffing might not be one of them, and that’s okay. The professionals at Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc. are equipped to help you find top-notch cybersecurity staff for your company. Whatever the size and scope of your hiring needs, our dedicated team will work with you to outline your needs, find qualified candidates, and ensure that you are able to hire the best staff possible. Give us a call or visit our website today to learn more.


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