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What Are The Best Professional Development Goals?

If you are hoping to progress in your career, setting professional development goals is the first step in creating a plan for success. The best professional development goals are objectives you set for yourself to further your career, often through developing specific skills, earning certifications, or expanding your network. Setting goals for yourself can help you stay up-to-date on industry trends, increase your engagement and job satisfaction, and help you know more clearly what you want out of your career. Some of the most effective development goals include the following plans that you can use to inspire your own goals.

Develop a New Skill Set 

Growing professionally often means expanding what you are qualified to do. The skills you choose to develop depend on your industry. If you are unsure, you may ask your manager which skills are best for you to learn. 

You can take online or in-person classes, shadow a coworker, or go back to school to develop these skills. Consider the level of expertise you want to reach, and discover what may work best for your schedule. 

You might also consider growing your soft skill set. These skills help you improve your communication and leadership abilities. Consider taking communication, negotiation, or psychology courses or joining a social public speaking club.

Take On Leadership Roles and Grow Your Network

Actively seeking out leadership opportunities allows you to grow these skills as a professional. Your manager may have suggestions for when you can put these skills into practice. 

You may also grow your professional network, which can help you build your profile and keep you informed of new opportunities and industry developments. You can do this by attending events in your field, joining professional social groups, or volunteering your skills. 

Level Up Your Professional Credentials 

Many professional development goals involve earning credentials. Certifications offer proof of your skill set and knowledge in your industry. Once you receive a professional certificate, let your manager know and list it in relevant places like your LinkedIn profile and resume. 

Find a Mentor

A mentor in your field can help you navigate challenges and progress in your career, offering first-hand knowledge and experience. Your professional network may come in handy here, as you may know people with careers that mirror your aspirations or those who are part of your professional or alumni groups. You may even meet with a few people to determine whether they are a good fit for you. The right mentor will help you navigate and achieve your future professional development goals. 

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