The 4 Steps of Working With a Staffing Agency

Staffing Agency

Working with a staffing agency is a collaborative process.

Deciding to hire a staffing agency can prove very useful to any company. Staffing agencies are effective because they are dedicated to finding the very best employees for you. Whether your company is understaffed or you simply don’t have the time to complete the hiring process on your own, you can rely on one of these agencies to help out. Working together to get qualified employees for your business is a cooperative process that can provide you with many benefits. It’s important to keep in mind there are steps you should consider after employing a staffing agency.

Establishing What You Need

This step is crucial because collectively deciding which services are needed will ensure that your partnership goes well. Your needs will dictate what a professional staffing agency will offer you. If you are just looking for seasonal workers, you should let your staffing agency know. They will likely have different strategies for different client needs, so it’s vital that they know your specific situation.

Deciding On a Plan

After you’ve made your needs clear, you should decide how your agency will go about getting your clients. It’s good to define the role of the job your company is offering to your staffing agency so they’ll be able to match your needs. Also, consider telling them what you want the vetting process to look like. For example, if conducting multiple interviews is something that is important to you, let them know.

Hiring Process

Depending on which type of job you’re advertising, the hiring process might change. For different jobs, there are different expectations for pay and benefits. It’s important that your staffing agency is able to relay this information to the people they help hire. Also, you should make clear who is making the final hiring decision.

Following Up Afterwards

After a person has been hired for your company, your relationship with your staffing agency should not be over! They should reach out to you to see how the new employee is doing and whether you are satisfied with their services. Doing this is a sign that they are truly invested in making sure their work has truly benefitted your company. If you had any issue with the entire process, you should mention it so things go better in the future.



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