Top Tips for Success in Program Management

At Lewis-Price & Associates, we know that excellent program management can make all the difference within a workplace environment.

Of all the jobs you’ve held, who was your favorite manager, and why? What traits set your favorite manager apart from other program managers? Often, a top program manager is attentive, engaged, and responsible in the workplace environment. Now, consider your least favorite manager. Perhaps they were absent, disinterested in your workplace performance, or poorly involved within your organization. At Lewis-Price & Associates, we know that excellent program management can make all the difference within a workplace environment, while contributing to employee success. Here are a few top tips from our experts on ensuring program management success at your company.

Program Management: Effectively Communicate with Your Employees

One of the most critical traits of a successful program manager is the ability to effectively communicate with your employees. This is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic that has diminished workplace communication into weekly Zoom calls, Slack channels, and e-mails in which your message can become lost in translation. Lewis-Price & Associates sources highly-skilled program management professionals capable of completely communicating your workplace message. This can help ensure that your message is heard loud and clear no matter what communication method your workplace prefers.

Provide Growth Opportunities to Your Employees

Employees don’t like to feel that their position at a company is stagnant with few growth opportunities. The top program management professionals know that the best way to ensure success within a company is by providing employees opportunity for growth. To develop strong employees with excellent leadership skills, you need to effectively distribute tasks to your team members and trust them to complete tasks within a delegated timeframe. Additionally, opportunities for advancement within (like program managers who provide training seminars to employees looking to increase their skill set) can also raise confidence among your team members.

Source Professional Program Managers for Your Company

Lewis-Price & Associates provides companies throughout the DMV region with program management professionals capable of leading your team members to success. With over 20 years of experience in career development services, the Lewis-Price difference can make all the difference within your organization. Connect with Lewis-Price & Associates today for all your program management needs!

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