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Types of Analyst Jobs for Your Next Career Move

analyst lewis-price and associates

If you are thinking about a career change, consider training for a job as an analyst.

If you are thinking about a career change, consider training for a job as an analyst. The IT field is full of analyst jobs that allow you to specialize in certain industries or skills. With excellent curriculum development from an employer, you could train for a different field. This list is only a handful of the analyst jobs that are out there.

What is an Analyst?

An analyst is someone who gathers and studies data to make conclusions. Analysts use their knowledge to find patterns and make inferences about the data they collect. Generally, an analyst will work with other departments to ensure the data is well-understood. They produce analysis reports and are expected to answer any questions regarding the data.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts study the financial history of a person or organization by looking at market trends, spending habits, and other financial data. They can provide insight into a company’s financial future, a possible economic downturn, or investment opportunities. A financial analyst will work closely with accountants to ensure all financial records are correct.

Network Analyst

A standard job in the IT field, network analysts design and examine computer networks that entities use. A network analyst is typically tasked with creating a network system that the company will use while maintaining that system and providing technical support. 

Program Analyst

Lewis-Prices and Associates employ many talented program analysts. A program analyst evaluates a business and offers ways to improve it. We encourage curriculum development and other techniques to enhance your company’s effectiveness.

Data Analyst

A data analyst gathers and interprets different types of data. Data analysts are relied on during data-driven decision-making because of their abilities to recognize patterns and explicate the data for their coworkers. 

Intelligence Analyst

In a business world that relies on digital files and communications, security is a must. An intelligence analyst provides security advice by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data about the security of a business. They monitor security breaches and encourage safe network usage.

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