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Managing Your Digital Footprint While Applying to Jobs

digital footprint lewis-price and associates

Being the best job applicant you can be, includes tailoring your digital footprint.

Being the best job applicant you can be, includes tailoring your digital footprint. As social media has grown in popularity, people start using it at younger and younger ages. Here is how to clean up your online presence, no matter how long it is. 

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is the history of your online activity. It starts with your first account on the internet. Although it is impossible to erase your digital footprint completely, there are ways to minimize it. 

Request Companies Delete Your Account Information

All companies with an online presence are legally bound to complete your request to delete your accounts or hand over a history of your digital footprint. Some make it harder than others, but you can still minimize your online presence this way. Social media websites over the ability to delete your account within account settings, but you should still reach out to the company to verify its deletion. 

Tailor Your Online Presence

Once your online presence is cleaned up, consider creating one that works for you. Applying for jobs is a stressful process. Give yourself an edge by creating connections within an industry. There are dozens of ways to find an online community from any industry, but here are some tips: 

  • Find a meme page or group. Most industries have inside jokes and common problems that happen with clients. Meme pages are great for talking about your industry while keeping things casual. 
  • Post activities or fun facts about the industry. Make the algorithm work for you by posting content related to your professional aspirations. If you want to be a machine learning specialist, talk about how you use machine learning programs in your spare time. If you want to be a chef, talk about your favorite dishes and why. 
  • Interact with big creators. If there are people or pages with a lot of interaction, do not be afraid to reach out. Build a relationship with them or their other followers. Keep in mind networking can happen anywhere.

Establishing an online presence that represents your interests and professional aspirations gives a potential employer a holistic view of you. Finding an online community with people within your industry opens up networking possibilities and gives you support in a difficult job market. Most industry-related pages post about job openings or job fairs. Check them out!

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