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Some Tips for Working Remotely Over The Holidays

holiday travel lewis-price and associates

Here are some tips you may find helpful to work remotely over the holidays, especially if you travel.

Even if you have been working from home, working remotely over the holidays can feel overwhelming the first time you do it. Many businesses have transitioned to a fully remote work model or created a hybrid model in the past year and a half. Even before COVID, working over the holidays was stressful and proposed its own complications. Here are some tips you may find helpful to work remotely over the holidays, especially if you travel.

  1. Charge all of your devices and bring fully charged portable chargers. Natural disasters happen and so do power outages. Preparing for any situation is how you will always be prepared. 
  2. Download essential files to use offline. Most areas, especially vacation areas like resorts, have wifi. However, it may be spotty or strong enough to access large files. Downloading them ahead of time removes any possibility that you won’t have access to information that could seriously deter your work efforts over the holidays. 
  3. Bring a Mifi device. Many cellular carriers offer a portable wifi device that allows you to access the internet anywhere in the world as long as there is cell service. 
  4. Make sure you have the necessary tools. Create a list of what you need to bring for your holiday. Leading up to your trip, make notes of what you use throughout your workday, i.e., important documents or design tools, etc. 
  5. Find a place with no distractions. Depending on who you share your household with, working from home may have taught you how to deal with distractions. However, working in a new environment can be hard regardless of how many people are around you. When you arrive at where you will be spending your holidays, make a workspace. Your workspace will be the only place you work on your holiday and will stay as distraction-free as possible. 
  6. Update your calendar and away message appropriately. Even though you are working, you will be away from your office or home office. If you will have access to the internet or cell service, consider mentioning that in your away message. However, if you will not be reachable, then make that clear. Effective communication will help your coworkers accomplish any tasks they may have needed you for. 

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