cybersecurity training

3 Selling Points of Cybersecurity Training

cybersecurity training

Here are three selling points of cybersecurity training to help motivate your workplace to sponsor training that will cover current security issues and strategies.

Justifying any expense to peers and higher-ups can be a struggle, but it can be particularly arduous when you are trying to secure funds for an intangible service. While we have already discussed the benefits of professional development and training programs, cybersecurity training is another issue entirely. Here are three selling points of cybersecurity training to help motivate your workplace to sponsor training that will cover current security issues and strategies.

1. Customizable Curriculum

Whether you are looking for cybersecurity training in cutting-edge topics for your seasoned IT professionals or you are trying to introduce basic security principles to employees in all departments, the dedicated professionals at Lewis-Price & Associates, Inc. will work with you to create a curriculum to fit your needs. As with any other training program, assessing the current skill level of your employees will help your company get the most out of its cybersecurity training efforts.

2. Fewer Cybersecurity Incidents

When your employees are aware of potential cybersecurity issues, they can be more cautious and proactive in their work. This can reduce the number of harmful cybersecurity incidents within your business, keeping your information — and the information of your clients — safe. Cybersecurity training helps employees of all skill levels learn about and adopt security best practices, decreasing the likelihood that they will become victims of cyberattacks. Training your less-tech-savvy employees is particularly important because it can vastly decrease the incidence of successful phishing attacks. Phishing attacks and some other intrusions prey on the vulnerability of employees with insufficient cybersecurity knowledge.

3. Less Severe Outcomes of Cyberattacks

When cyberattacks are successful, businesses can shut down. Depending on the severity of the attack, the cost of a security breach can range from a few hours’ pay for your IT professional to fix the issue to staggering financial catastrophe because of compromised financial information. When you invest in cybersecurity training, you give your security professionals the tools they need to stay at the top of their game. Well-trained professionals who are current with trends in cyberattacks are better equipped to minimize the negative consequences of said attacks and restore company systems to their proper functionality. Cybercrime is constantly evolving, and your employees need to evolve with it. With cybersecurity training from Lewis-Price, your company can arm itself with the most advanced tools available to protect itself from attack.


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