Microsoft Office training

3 Things to Consider About Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office training

Here are three things to consider when planning a Microsoft Office training program for your staff.

Staff development programs are a vital part of any staff management plan. The Microsoft Office suite of software is so ubiquitous that it can seem like everyone should know the suite inside and out. In reality, many people who are proficient in Microsoft Office programs are self-taught or otherwise have a lot to learn. Each program has a myriad of features and shortcuts; even the most knowledgeable Microsoft users still have things to learn. When training your staff in Microsoft Office, it is vital to assess their skills and needs in order to tailor a program to best suit them. Here are three things to consider when planning a Microsoft Office training program for your staff.

1. Training Format

Staff development training programs can take many different forms, and it is essential to consider which format would best suit your staff. If you have many employees who telecommute or if you do not have a venue large enough to train everyone together, an online training program may be best. If possible, try to teach your staff in-person. Bring in a development training professional so that your employees are set up for success. Working in person with coworkers and training professionals allows your employees to build on their skills while interacting with their coworkers. This can lead to a boost in morale, and employees may be more likely to remember what they’ve learned during Microsoft Office training when they are learning and discussing the material with others.

2. Software Programs

The Microsoft Office suite of products contains many different applications, and not all of them are ones that your employees need to know inside and out. For example, if you are training your data entry or accounting staff on how to use Microsoft Excel more effectively, they likely do not need training in Microsoft Publisher to perform their daily duties. Thinking about which employees need training in which programs will not only ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, but it will also prevent employees from getting overloaded with information about programs that they will not use.

3. Skill Level

Not all employees will start at the same level of knowledge, and that’s okay. It can be helpful to assess the current skill level of each employee beforehand so that your curriculum can be tailored to meet their needs. Teaching material that is above your staff’s skill level can leave them lost, but making the course too easy will make them bored. Work with a trained staff development professional to make sure that your Microsoft Office training program adequately suits the needs of your staff.


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