3 Questions You Can Ask To Gauge A Company’s Culture

Company Culture

Ask these 3 questions to gauge a company’s culture.

When you’re looking to enter any workplace, you should take some time to see what the culture is like there. A company’s culture affects every single aspect of its operation, so if your values don’t align with it, you should probably look elsewhere for employment. Despite culture being such an essential, all-present aspect of office life, it might be hard for you to tell what it is without asking some questions during your in-person interview. Here are a few that you can use to understand what a company’s culture is before deciding to work there.

What’s The Dress Code?

The clothing worn by people at the company you’re hoping to work for will say a lot about its culture. Are employees expected to wear suits? Is the dress code different for employees in different positions? While these questions may seem simple, they convey a lot of information about how the company approaches its business. For example, if a particular company mandates that its upper management wear suits but that other employees dress in business casual clothing, you could gather that they take organizational hierarchy very seriously.

How Long Have You Been With The Company?

This question is a great one to ask your interviewers, especially those who work in the same department you’re planning on working. Asking this question will allow you to get a sense of how long people stay at the company and could open your eyes to issues like high turnover. If you hear that most people in the department haven’t been there for too long and the company isn’t new, that could be a sign of large-scale organizational issues. These issues could be things like low pay, a stressful environment, or ineffective management, so make sure to be on the lookout for those problems.

Where Do People Usually Eat Lunch?

Asking about employees’ lunch habits can help give you an idea about the workload they deal with and their personalities as well. If you hear that employees typically eat lunch individually, then you can reasonably assume there isn’t much interaction that goes on within the department. Also, if most people eat at their desks or work through lunch, then they might be doing so because there’s too much work to complete during the day. Employees’ lunch habits are a great way to gauge team camaraderie and work expectations.


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