staff augmentation

3 Ways that Staff Augmentation Can Help Your Business

staff augmentation

Read on to learn about three ways that staff augmentation can benefit your business and how you can get started.

Most folks in project management, HR, or recruiting have likely heard staff augmentation being discussed as a method of tackling increased workload without excess cost. If neither you nor your business have ever forayed into using staff augmentation services, the process can seem daunting. On the contrary, working with an agency to augment your staff is a practice that can improve employee performance and morale while keeping costs low, all while a staffing agency helps with the legwork. Read on to learn about three ways that staff augmentation can benefit your business and how you can get started.

1. Saves Money

Using a staff augmentation service may seem like an added expense, but the process works out to be much cheaper than hiring permanent employees every time you experience an increased workload. Staff hired temporarily through an agency do not require benefits from your company. The staffing agency is responsible for offering benefits to the employees that they contract out to you, which means that not only do you avoid incurring costs from providing benefits to those employees, but you also reduce the time that your HR and recruiting professionals use to search for, interview, onboard, and train new employees.

2. Reduces Burnout & Improves Morale

When employees face periods of high stress and increased workload, morale takes a nosedive and burnout is inevitable. By getting services from a staff augmentation agency during busy periods, employers can lighten workloads and stave off burnout. Additionally, since staff augmentation has a predetermined duration, employers do not have to enact layoffs once periods of increased activity have passed. Layoffs have negative impacts on company morale, and it benefits your employees to avoid them.

3. Provides Solutions for the Future

By creating a working relationship with a trusted staffing agency now, you can ensure that you have a readily-available solution the next time your business needs staff augmentation services. Instead of managers panicking and rushing to hire and train new people, you can contact your local staff augmentation professionals and begin discussing your staffing needs for the project.

Staff Augmentation With Lewis-Price

The dedicated team at Lewis-Price will work with your business to provide the best personnel solutions possible. Our professionals will work with you to evaluate the staffing needs for your project, develop an effective and practical plan to meet those needs, and provide qualified and engaged staff to help complete your project. Contact us today to learn more about our staff augmentation and program management services.


Lewis-Price is an SBA 8(a) certified staffing company committed to providing solutions to our clients and teaming partners alike. We staff diverse, engaged leaders in IT, cybersecurity, program management, and training. We value integrity and intention. We provide you with engaged professionals ready to join your team. To learn more about our staffing solutions, please contact us at (703)727-9182. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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