Lewis Price and Associates Employee Engagement

3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Lewis Price and Associates Employee Engagement

Employees who are engaged in their work and the workplace exemplify better work ethic than those whom are not engaged in their work environment.

In the workplace, it can be difficult for your employees to stay enthused about their work tasks, especially as they navigate their own personal lives outside of the office. In turn, their level of engagement can sometimes decrease; thus impacting employee relationships, your customers’ experience, revenue, and more. Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review shows that 92% of business executives believe that engaged employees perform better in the workplace. For this very reason, as an employer, it is important that you actively implement effective strategies to steadily increase your employees’ engagement in the office. Here are a few ways to encourage employee engagement in the workplace.

1. Epitomize Your Company’s Core Values

The foundation of your company culture is built upon core values. They play an important role in knowing what to expect of everyone who is a part of your company including yourself. When core values are made clear through your actions as an employer, it encourages your employees to perform in a manner that positively impacts the workplace culture. Core values also allow you to hold each of your employees accountable to a higher standard. Additionally, employees are likely to be more engaged when they feel connected to a purpose that inspires them in one aspect or another.

 2. Encourage Health and Wellness

When your employees are feeling great physically and mentally, they are likely to perform better at work. Coordinating group activities outside of the office or even inside of the office (if the space is an appropriate size) is a great way for your employees to interact with one another and shake off some of the mid-day stress associated with work tasks. Group activities can include bonding exercises or even competitive games. It is also great to encourage your employees to take mental health days to avoid burnout. The better their mental health, the more likely they are to have the desire to engage with their peers.

3. Show Your Appreciation

Employees want to feel appreciated and acknowledged for the important role they play in helping a company excel. The more you show that you appreciate your employees, the more they feel valued not only as an employee but as a person. When employees feel valued, it encourages them to engage more. A few ways to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work may include:

  • Acknowledging birthdays by throwing a small office party.
  • Designating and rewarding ‘Employee of the Month’
  • Throwing weekly luncheons or daily office happy hour
  • Purchasing daily coffee from a local coffee shop
  • Giving a simple ‘Thank you’ card

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