4 Ways To Use Your Phone During Your Job Search


Use your phone to help you find your dream job!

You’re probably aware that your phone is a powerful device. It’s essentially a pocket-sized computer that you can use to communicate with people and organize things in your life. We use our phones to make our lives easier every day. But did you know that your phone can help with your job search too? Use your phone to the fullest potential with these tips.

Download Job Apps

There are a variety of job apps that you can use to take your job search on the go. Make sure that you install them on your phone to ensure you’ll be able to apply for jobs virtually at any time. Also, these apps typically have alerts that can let you know about jobs as soon as they’re posted. This could help you apply quickly and give you a leg up on other candidates. Even if you aren’t necessarily filling an application out on your phone, you can bookmark it so you can complete it later.

Do Some Research

Your phone is the perfect tool for doing research during the job search. Curious about what your salary should be? Use one of the many online tools that show the range of salaries for your prospective position. You could also take a look at your potential employer’s culture online by looking at their social media accounts. This research could prove to be very valuable during your interview.

Store Important Documents

It’s important to have easy access to documents like your resume and cover letter at all times. You never know when a job opportunity will come up and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. It’s a great idea to store your documents on your phone using Google Docs or Dropbox. This way, you’ll be able to send them to prospective employers quickly. Timing plays a large role in landing a job, so you’ll want to be prepared at all times.

Connect On Social Media

There are many ways you could use social media to boost your professional career. Building a network on LinkedIn and other social media websites can go a long way towards opening up opportunities for you down the line. Connections are essential and can let you know about jobs you didn’t know existed. Make sure that your various profiles are free of anything that could be seen as inflammatory or worrisome to potential employers though.



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