lewis-price power skills administrative professionals

Power Skills for Administrative Professionals

What was once known as “soft skills” are now often referred to as “power skills.” Why the change? The truth

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lewis-price professional development goals

What Are The Best Professional Development Goals?

If you are hoping to progress in your career, setting professional development goals is the first step in creating a

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lewis-price associates new hire trianing program

How to Develop an Effective New Hire Training Program

Training is an essential tool for new employees. While hiring the best candidate can help ensure a smooth transition onto

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lewis-price successful project collaboration

The Top Tips for Successful Project Collaboration

Successful project management requires collaboration. In fact, collaboration is one of the key features needed for a successful and well-run

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lewis-price & associates recruit top talent

How to Recruit Top Talent for Your Organization

Recruiting top talent is essential for all companies hoping to grow and stay efficient and successful in their industry. However,

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