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Contracting, An Introduction to Contract Management

Contracts are the bread and butter of any business. Working with contractors can improve every aspect of your business, from

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administrative support lewis-price associates

The Benefits of Administrative Support for Your Company

Time management is a skill every employee should have, but administrative support can make it easier. It can provide employees

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Recruiting & Hiring Trends in the Information Technology Industry for 2021

Lewis-Price & Associates has noticed an increasingly high demand for tech professionals across the board in 2021. When it comes

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Program Managers Can Contribute to Employee Work-Life Balance.. Here’s How

At Lewis-Price & Associates, we believe that an effective Program Manager can positively contribute to the work-life balance of their

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How Program Managers Can Assist Underperforming Employees to Reach Their Full Potential

If you’re a team leader, you might’ve encountered an employee who continuously underperforms in comparison to the entirety of your

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