Shot of a young businesswoman giving a presentation at work

Outsourcing IT Services

Not every business is large enough to justify hiring a designated IT professional, but every business certainly has individual IT

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lewis-price effective leadership

3 Critical Components of Effective Leadership

Effective leadership can inspire and motivate a team, but poor management can undermine the efforts of everyone involved in a

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lewis-price associates improve collaboration

How to Improve Collaboration In Your Office

Getting projects done on time depends on efficient teamwork. Efforts to improve collaboration in your office can be great for

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Black businessman and white businesswoman accountants working together on pc

How to Curb Micromanaging

We always want to see everyone bring out their best whenever we’re leading a project team. It can be tempting

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lewis-price associates contract management

Best Practices in Contracting: Contract Management Tips to Keep Your Business Covered

When it comes to a successful business, having the right contract management services and protocols in place is key. In

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