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How to Practice Committed Leadership in the New Year

Strong leadership practices are essential components to the success of any workplace. The best leaders take steps to prove their committed leadership abilities and dedication to their organization and team members throughout the year. If you are looking forward to more leadership opportunities in the new year or want to revive your leadership practices so far, consider how the following practices can help you apply your skills as a committed leader. 

Reflect On Your Own Habits

One of the first steps in practicing commitment in leadership is considering the improvements you can make to set a better example. Ask yourself where you allocate your time and efforts. Can you be more committed to different parts of your workplace? Can certain employees or teams use more attention or guidance? 

Think About Perseverance 

There is a difference between being committed to something and having an interest. If you are naturally interested in something, you will likely do something because you enjoy it. However, being committed to something—a project, work goal, or another assignment—means you keep going and giving your best work even when something might be challenging at times. The best leaders understand what commitment requires. 

Remember to Provide Feedback

Giving feedback often and including some kind of positive feedback shows your commitment to your team members’ success and proves you are dedicated to helping them grow. You can also look for opportunities beyond official employee reviews to further encourage successful growth in your employees. 

Practice Transparent Leadership

Being transparent about your decisions as a leader will help your employees feel informed and trusted by you. Openly share your decisions, and encourage questions from your team members to help them feel included in the company’s work. Proactively addressing any concerns about changes in the workplace is also crucial for committed leadership. 

Maintain a Mature Relational Approach 

Be sure to stay consistent with your approach to team members by promoting everyone’s success in an unbiased way. Act kind and open to every team member while maintaining your authority as leader. You want your employees to feel comfortable with you, but keeping an authoritative distance is important, so they respect your decisions as a leader and your role in the company. 

Be the Voice of Your Team

Promote your team to others, including the executive leaders you communicate with. You can speak out about their concerns and share praise for their accomplishments. While the employees you supervise may not be able to communicate directly with executives at your company, you can and should take the opportunity to highlight the work of employees of every level. 

Make Team Members Feel Valued

Finally, a key trait of committed leadership is demonstrating to others that you value their work and skills. You can do this through formal evaluations and informal communication. Taking the time to compliment good work when you see it can make a significant difference to the employee who is feeling anxious or underappreciated at work. 

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