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Build Your Company’s Program Management With These Tips

program management lewis-price and associates

In a time of almost exclusively remote work, proper program management can be what sets your business apart.

Program management is an essential job in the workplace. Program managers work to help their employees reach the company’s goals without burnout. In a time of almost exclusively remote work, proper program management can be what sets your business apart.

Communicate Effectively 

The best advice for any managerial position is to know your employees. Knowing your employees well enough to understand how they communicate and how they work gives you the tools you need to excel at program management. Building strong work relationships with your employees is imperative to creating a high retention rate and keeping your employees happy. People who hate confrontation will not appreciate being called out in group meetings, regardless if it is positive feedback or not. 

Task Management Tools Are Your Friend

In a remote work setting, it is just the employee and the internet. You may not know how a project is doing until it is turned in and things seem to be missing. Or the project is submitted late for whatever reason. To avoid delays and poor work, get in the habit of updating your own task management tools. By modeling communicative behavior like proper task management, your employees will see how effective communication is. Task management tools like Asana or Trello are designed to keep track of detailed work without creating an overbearing presence. Program management can feel like micromanaging without the proper tools. Use task management tools so your employees can come to you with their work as they go. 

Growth Opportunities and Employee Development

With kind program management, you can encourage employees to stay with the company. Creating incentives like great employee benefits or giving growth opportunities are great ways to keep your retention rate high. Program management allows you to understand where your employees may need to build up their skills or prepare for a promotion. Employee development should always be accessible and encouraged. With high retention rates, you will likely find new managers in your employees. Mentorship programs are a great way to build upward mobility in your company.

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