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What Are the Differences Between a Program Manager and a Project Manager?

program manager lewis-price and associates

Program managers and project managers are the backbones of any company.

Program managers and project managers are the backbones of any company. They ensure every part of your business is running smoothly. Program manager and project manager may seem like interchangeable titles, but they involve different responsibilities. Project managers focus on specific projects and delegation, while program managers focus on big-picture ideas and campaigns. Over time, project managers can become project managers. In this blog, we will discuss the main differences in their job descriptions and training.

The Main Differences Between Program Managers and Project Managers

The success of a business is reliant on the productivity of its employees and how well different departments work with each other. A project manager oversees a group of workers on a specific project. For example, a client for an advertising company may create a team of workers to develop a commercial. The team will be led by a project manager who will delegate tasks and ensure a cohesive message is presented to the client. A program manager will be designating the teams and project managers. Usually, a program manager is in charge of multiple project managers.

Invest in Curriculum Development to Create Amazing Program Managers

To be an excellent program manager, you must first learn how to be an effective leader. The best way to learn is to experience. Management skills are developed on the job and through training courses. By training your project managers to one day become program managers, you are investing in your business and employees. Curriculum development should build the skills of your employees and give them the opportunity to explore similar departments and specialties. Promoting workers within your business shows your employees there is upward mobility at your company. It also will save you money by avoiding the headhunting process. In-house training ensures your employees gain knowledge specific to your business and your industry. Intrinsic knowledge like that only comes from life experience. Give your project managers the chance to progress by training them with immersive curriculums. 

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